Nick Winton

Nick Winton is an inspirational speaker who draws on a life of experiences to provide insights to worldwide audiences.


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Nick Winton brings his father’s inspiring legacy, Sir Nicholas Winton MBE, to life, offering audiences a unique blend of historical storytelling and actionable insights.

Through engaging talks, Nick shares powerful lessons on courage, selflessness, and integrity, demonstrating their relevance in today’s world.

His presentations are more than just lectures; they are interactive experiences that challenge and inspire attendees, leaving them with a renewed sense of purpose and practical strategies for making a difference in their lives and communities.


What to Expect to Learn


The value of every individual and the benefits of being ‘blind’ to color, race, religion, gender and how this is an important bedrock of company and personal growth. How each of us makes a profound difference by our actions – or inactions.



How to manage uncertainty. Nick has seen the unpredictable nature of the world we live in, and he uses these experiences to provide deep insights into how to navigate the unpredictable nature in the world.



The highs and lows of managing and motivating teams that are under stress. From first-hand experiences of being a business owner himself, Nick provides examples and stories to help people help others.

Business & Lifestyle Coaching

The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton


Your talks were beautifully pitched, high impact and extremely moving for us all. You are bringing a vital message to young people – both not to forget what happened in the past, but also to focus on moral and ethical actions and thinking.

William Goldsmith

Head St George's School, Windsor Castle

It was an absolute pleasure to host Nick and have him speak in an assembly and small group setting. In both cases, pupils and staff found his father’s life story – and the other historical and personal stories that Nick wove in – thought-provoking and moving. Nick’s message is one of hope, inspiration and integrity at a time when it is needed.

Phil Gaydon

Head of Character Education; Teacher of Theology and Philosophy; Teacher of PSHE St Paul’s School, London

Your ability to connect was remarkable…the amount of people wiping away tears was beyond my count.

Susie Greenberg

Associate Director Tolerance Minnesota

Nick – thank YOU for being with us and giving us the opportunity to honour your father and share his story. It lifted up the evening. And you were absolutely marvellous! The VIP reception went extraordinarily well – people were thrilled to hear from you. You really are quite a gifted speaker! Thank you for being so open to talking with people one on one throughout the evening. You made quite an impression on so many

Elizabeth Gelman

Executive Director Florida Holocaust Museum

I still haven’t found words for what we experienced together in Salt Lake City. Honestly, it exceeded my expectations in ways I couldn’t imagine. The feedback I’m receiving is so personal—so much about what the story and the experience meant to people in their daily lives. Relevance was achieved in a marvelous way—one of your many vital contributions. Without exception, people who talk to me mention how important it was for you to be there.

David Warner

Artistic Director Tabernacle Choir, Utah

Your father’s courageous work in Czechoslovakia, rescuing 669 children from almost certain death, is one of the few good news stories. You are a very gifted presenter and raconteur and it was a privilege to gain more insights into the character of one of the truly great Old Stoics

Dr Anthony Wallersteiner

Head Stowe School

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